Friday, September 11, 2009

America (re-post)

This is a "re-post" from July 4th of this year. I should have posted about 9-11 this morning, but like many of you, I find it is easier not to think about that horrible, horrible day.

Politics aside for a moment - Is this a great country or WHAT ???!??

How often do we thank God for our freedoms?
If you are like me, you skip merrily along, day after day, ignoring our predecessors and ancestors who literally gave their lives for our freedoms. We take it all for granted.
We hop in the car and run errands.
We send our kids to school.
We can pick any church we want.
We have an abundance of food choices.
We take vacations.
We go to work.
We go to the bank.
We run to the doctor and get a prescription to cure an illness.
We plant flowers for asthetic purposes.
We vote and our vote is actually counted.

Most of us were simply born into this great inheritance.

And let's not forget the beauty of the land!

We have SUCH a beautiful country! From the beautiful harbors of Maine.......

to the Rocky Mountains .........

to the coasts of Florida ............

I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on with thousands of beautiful pictures of this country. EVERY state is beautiful and unique! One important common thread - each state is chock-full of Americans.

-Hardworking, caring people. Many of whom are willing to give their lives to insure liberty for other people in other countries.

In our house, we have a favorite television series we record called Drive Thru History -America on the History-International channel. We watched an episode last night about Jamestown and how so many of the early settlers died from disease, indian attacks, or starvation. (And I complain when the air conditioning is not cool enough, the car needs repairs, or when someone ate the last (fill in the blank) out of the pantry). What a wonderful heritage we share, thanks to those who went before us.

Major Sidetrack: I am continually dismayed at the minimal amounts of American history my kids learn in public school. They may hear Sam Adams' name once, but can they tell you what he did? Can they tell you about William Bradford attempting socialism or what Patrick Henry meant? If they do not learn about why and how this country was founded, how will they EVER appreciate it --or desire to defend our freedoms?

I, personally, have benefitted from the genius behind School House Rock. One of my favorites is Shot Heard 'Round the World.

On to art ..........There is something about Norman Rockwell paintings that just scream - "AMERICA."
Here are his Four Freedoms paintings:

And To Make Men Free

And The American Way.

One last thing -- In honor of my husband, here is John Wayne's America -Why I Love Her.

Thank you!! to our Soldiers and forefathers!

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Sjn said...

I hope we stay free as our forefathers wanted. God bless the people in Washington today supporting what they believe in.

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