Monday, July 6, 2009

Stayin' Alive

Houseplants can absolutely MAKE a room.

Something about the living green plant makes you look at the plant, everytime you are in a room with plants (unless they are half-dead ---then you constantly feel the need to look away.)

(Try and picture the following rooms WITHOUT the plants. Just sort of strips them of personality, doesn't it?)

Three photos, above, courtesty of

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Traditional Home

Too bad my thumb is black when it comes to indoor plants.

I do not like fake flowers or plants. Fortunately - I have found a few fake potted plants that look real. (When I buy a fake plant that can trick my mom and my aunt, I know I made a great purchase!) I also have a few stand-bys that I've kept alive over time - airplane plants are very easy.

This "fern" (below) in my den fooled my mom.

Both of the plants, below, are real and are simply "hanging in there" for the time being. I do not give them the care they need.

This little guy was too cute to pass up. Probably appears to be extremely 'fake' to most house guests, but I like him.

The aloe in this next picture has been struggling to leave the mantle in our bedroom for YEARS.

He has almost gotten his wish.

Now, how pitiful is that plant!??!

That's all! Would love some tips on keeping plants looking nice inside the home.

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