Porch Pillows

My little clone and I decided to make new pillow covers for the front porch furniture for the 4th of July.

We used scraps of leftover fabric, rather than buying anything. (We just use the same pillow inserts, each time, and rotate the exteriors. The old ones are washed and on the shelf, -ready to be used again in the future!)

Kimba at A Soft Place to Land is hosting a "Do it Yourself" blog party, today.

Does it count as "Do it Yourself" if your 13 year old helped you sew?


Nicole A. said…
Awww, I love these pillows and love that you used scraps of fabric for them! I love your porch, it's sooooo gorgeous! I think it's awesome your daughter helped! Thanks for Sharing!
Amanda said…
those are too cute! Nice porch too!
I just announced to my daughter that she is going to have to start sewing for me. So I think it is a GREAT idea and it totally counts :-)

Love the new pillows!
Rachel M Cotton said…
I love these pillows! So adorable, and I certainly think it counts - EVEN MORE - if you enlist the help of a 13 year old! :)
Roeshel said…
Cute pillows - great porch! Thanks for sharing!
What a gift you are giving your daughter - the ability to sew! How I wish I knew how to sew.