Monday, July 13, 2009

Coastal Living Color

At the beach this week, so thought I'd leaf through Coastal Living.

Beach houses are the perfect place to throw in color - fun color.

I thought red was 'out.' ?? ! This kitchen is great.

Love the lime on the cabinet - how easy!

I would love to have this next kitchen. But I wonder if I would get tired of it? Probably not if it were at my fancy beach house (which I have yet to own).

Love that retro tile and the applicances!

What would my husband say if I brought a road sign into the house? Quite eye-catching, though!

Love the bright colors in this painting. What else is in the room? I can't remember to look - I just keep staring at the painting!

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Sjn said...

love the red one, and the aqua and white! May not be great for resale (ingrained in my real estate brain) but so fun!

Tee said...

Love everything about the lime cabinet kitchen, especially the shell fixture. Also love the red framed chalkboard and the Gulf sign. That painting in the last pic is stunning.

Have a great time at the beach! I'm so envious! We don't get to go until August.

Terry said...

I'm not so crazy about the red scattered around in intense patches. It makes my migraine rumble. But if its at the beach, I'll give it a whirl. I do love the yellow fish over the doorway. I like the art in the bathroom. I like art in any bathroom.

Holly said...

I do love the last photo of the bathroom. . .wouldn't it be nice to soak in the tub and get lost in the color of the painting? Ahhh. . .

Oh, back to reality! Thanks for showing us those lovely and interesting spaces!

Diann said...

Just found your blog and love it! Your paintings are beautiful. I'm off to see your shop.

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