Sunday, July 26, 2009


........... and newel posts.

Wood or iron?
Thin or thick?
Short or tall?
Painted or unpainted?
White or black?

Glad I don't have to pick a favorite!

Image 1: Cottage Living
Image 2: Coastal Living
Images 3 and 4: Southern Living
Image 5: Cottage Living
Images 6 and 7: House Beautiful
Images 8, 9, and 10: Country Living
Image 11: Traditional Home
Image 12: mine

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janet said...

I also love balusters!!!! My favorite is the type that curves outward at the bottom step. Great photos..thanks for sharing ;-)

Pat said...

I think I love them all! I do prefer wood over iron..but they're all pretty.

Rob Jones said...

I really like the last one - Ours!

Love Mr. TheOldPostRd

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