Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Bible Study

My sister was telling me about a Beth Moore/Jennifer Rothschild bible study that is online, this summer.

I looked it up - and here is what I ascertained (Did you notice that I used a great-big grown-up word?!!)
This is a Bible study that you can do from your home (online) and the only fee is the study guide (which I think is around $12). You just log onto her website each Tuesday (or later if you aren't home that day) and she will have a 15 minute lesson for you to watch. Then, you complete the homework in your study guide during the week and watch again the next week.

You will need to order a book or go to a Lifeway store, if you have one nearby.

Here is the link that explains everything. Beth Moore Siesta Bible Study

The study starts on June 23rd and lasts 6 weeks.

Here is a description from Lifeway:

Me, Myself, and Lies: A Thought Closet Makeover is a video-driven Bible study for women to encourage them to clean out the junk in their thoughts and replace these hidden negative thoughts and failures with positive truths from God’s word.

You can do this study along, or with a group. (I know a few moms who already need a reason to call a babysitter and meet with some adults, this summer!)

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