Monday, June 29, 2009

Small Space

Some of the accomodations at Yellowstone are quite .........


As in - "very tiny."

Here is our cabin for ONE night.......

And here is my son brushing his teeth outside the cabin at the running water.........

Found a few cute photos for decorating in quaint/small spaces.

Country Living

The shelving was just squeezed right up under that ceiling.

Southern Living

I like how they used the shutters on a track between the spaces to adjust when you need to divide the space up a little more. The shutters are between all three rooms in the above two pictures.

House Beautiful

I've noticed common advice for small space decorating:

"They" always recommend (1) light/neutral color scheme on the walls that flows throughout the house; (2) lack of clutter; (3) lots of organization (shelves, magazine holders, cute boxes); (4) a focal point or two - like a large piece of art or a bold pattern on a piece of furniture - to draw the eye to the focal point and away from the 'little-ness' of the space; (5) multi-use spaces.

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Bertie said...

Did you have a bathroom in that tiny cottage?

Love that shutter idea, too.

Hope you are having a wonderful time!

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