Friday, June 19, 2009

Great View in Lieu of Window Treatments

When a room has a great view, sometimes 'minimalist' decorating is perfect. (After all - how can you compete with God's decor?!!)

(I might add a sheer/linen-type side panel along these windows, though - like in the Andrew Wyeth painting)

Well, not ACROSS the window, just as a panel, and not so sheer.

However, sheers work well in this Miami condo.

Who needs window treatments when you have a great view? The treatments almost become a distraction.

In this home overlooking Shinnecock Bay, the water is the focal point.

I will admit that the awning striped shades in this room certainly make it cozy and fun. But I still want to see MORE of the outdoors!!

All photos Architectural Digest.

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