Monday, May 18, 2009

Try and Tell Me These Houses Aren't Cute!


Martha Stewart

This next one was in an article entitled "Getaway Garden by the Sea."

This cute and "by the sea," TOO!??!!

The awnings certainly add to this facade.

Photos 2 and 3: Coastal Living

Love all the white on this one.

Country Living

Okay - I am way off the 'cute' topic, but look at this home!!!

I had to post this view. I know that you cannot see the front of this house. But is there any WAY it could not look perfect with that view??

The above photo is actually a weekly rental on the coast of Maine.

1817 Greek Revival in Saco, Maine.

Are you noticing a pattern, here?

What do "cute" houses all have in common? Are they always cottages?

Here is a Dutch Colonial
for sale in Anderson, SC.

Cottage in Appleby in North Lincolnshire, UK

Here is my theory:

One definition of the word "cute" is: attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness

1. Petite -A McMansion could not easily be 'cute,' given it's size.

The homes are certainly quaint. And small.

2. Symmetrical -I also noticed that each of the above houses is pretty much symmetrical. Most of them have one or two exceptions, which add to the cuteness. Sometimes the exception is a chimney that is off-center, or perhaps a side addition. With photo number two, it is actually the topiary that gives the symmetrical home a little 'kick.'

3. Architectural Features -Most of the above homes have large rooftops, which could easily overpower the facade. The homes would not be as "cute" if each of the homes did not have dormers to break the plane of the large roof.

The dutch colonial is quite symmetrical, until you notice the entrance on the right and the doghouse upstairs (right side) and a slightly off-center chimney. (It would not be as charming if the door and chimney were centered).

4. Faces - And, go ahead and certify me as crazy - -----but they all seem to have a face.

Sort of looking at us with their cute little selves.

What do you think?

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Rue said...

Cute is right! I think the gardens help with the cuteness too :)

I always think houses have faces too!


Terry said...

I don't think symmetrical is required but I think balance is. Symmetry is easier to do than balance so I appreciate it more.

I agree about faces. I just pointed out a house to my daughter as we drove by. It looks like it could be a talking house in a cartoon.

I don't think picking 2 yellow houses was any accident!

Sarah said...

I love these houses's definitley the "character" of the house that attracts me...and that they are NOT just houses, but can just tell. Great blog!

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