Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shelves for My Kitchen

I want to add some open shelving in my kitchen corner.

I like the brackets/corbels in this Southern Accents kitchen I posted before

I also like the look of these shelves and brackets in this home.

Coastal Living

I have some pretty white and green dishes that are currently "hidden" in the cupboard.

Here is what that corner of my kitchen looks like, now.

Here is a painting I created of that same corner.

One more photo of the same corner.

And here is my vision of the corner with the shelves.

What do you think?

I will obviously find a new home for my black flower poster -it seemed to clutter that corner a bit, anyway.

I really like the heavy wood look for the brackets. At Lowe's the brackets that I like are $9, each! That surprised me. (Not that $36 is going to break the bank.)
I painted my kitchen 10 years ago, when we first renovated the house.
I still like the green, but am probably so used to seeing it that I don't notice how out of style it may be. Oh, well - I don't plan to change the paint color, anytime soon.
........But maybe the 10-year-old toile curtains and the light fixture could use an update. I love drum shades, but hate to go with anything too trendy or it will look dated before I know it! Perhaps drum shaped chandelier shades?

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Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

I love your blog and your art! I have white shelves with colorful dishes on them. Love the look!

I just visited your shop! Beautiful!!!


SJN said...

I say do it! It's always nice to have a change and freshen things up. Think of it this way... it will inspire you... and that's great for your painting right?!

Rue said...

I think you should! My husband just put shelves like those up in our pantry and although I use them for storage, it would be a wonderful way to showcase all your cute things :)


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Your renderings are the funnest!!

I love open shelving as well.

TTFN~~ Claudia

Betty said...

I think the open shelves are so inviting...your white and green dishes would really pop sitting on the shelves....Betty

Barbara said...

Your drawings and your post is so good! Did all that talent come from your mother?

Terry said...

I'm not qualified to advise you on the shelves. But I like the floor, the table, and the green. I know I can't see everything from the picture but things seem kind of heavy on the left. I want something else on the right to pull my eye in that direction.

I think your painting of the room in a knock-out.

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

I think with new shelves the green in your walls will pop and look awesome!

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