It is Summer

It is officially Summer -
the kids are getting out of school, today, and my hydrangeas are in bloom!

I think these are Annabelles. They divide easily and look great all summer! My mother-in-law gave me one Annabelle about 6 years ago, and I divided, and divided, and divided ......and now have a long hedge of them!

I painted this, yesterday, for a friend headed to the hospital for a while - but my kids suggested something a little less "childish" for their teenage friend. I'll post my second painting, tomorrow.

Hooked on Houses and The Inspired Room and The Shabby Nest are having blog parties, today!

Here is how I divide hydrangeas:
In the early spring, just as the first growths are visible at the base of the plant. I take a shovel and split the hydrangea into two or more pieces (with a root attached to each piece). Replant and keep watered for the first month.


Terry said…
Our big one has popped just a few buds. So many varieties around. To me summers are about the giant hydrangeas and crepe myrtle blooms.
I am SUPER jealous! I love hydrengias, but I don't think they grow well here in Utah. I am trying. LOVE!
Stephanie said…
I love your hydrangeas and your painting! Just gorgeous!
SJN said…
mine is almost there, too much shade maybe? yours are gorgeous!
Becky K. said…
Very pretty pictures. I am in the process of learning about perennials. There is so much to know. My perennial garden is about 2 years old.
DesignTies said…
Hydrangeas are my favourite flower, especially blue ones :-) My hydrangeas are still about a month away from blooming. I peeked inside the leaves a couple of days ago and saw some teeny-tiny flower heads.

Your Annabelles are gorgeous!! And it's great that they look beautiful all summer long :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies
Daly Essentials said…
gorgeous flowers!! hydrangeas are my favorite!!
Jen said…
Hoping our hydrangeas bloom before we move (from Iowa to Oklahoma!) May I ask how you divide them? What time of year is best? (here from the Shabby Linky party!)
TheOldPostRoad said…
I divide my hydrangeas in the spring - just as the new growth is visible.
Wow, I am so coveting your hydrangea hedge!! I have a row of very untidy and freakishly tall boxwood along my back fence and I'm just dying to get my hands some hydrangea. They really have such darling flowers :)
Betty said…
Just this very morning I admired your hydrangeas!!!! We attended the Honor Awards last night and shopped this morning.

When you divide again, please save me a plant!

I like your painting....Betty
Anonymous said…
I love hydrangeas!!! I have a gray thumb it's not black and not green. It is diffidently gray and for some reason I can't keep them alive. Do you have any tips on how you keep yours blooming?
I'm soooo jealous! Your hydrangeas are beautiful!
This post is like a breath of fresh spring air!
My hydrangea is blooming for the first time in 4 years. I'm ecstatic. Yours are fabulous! So is the painting.
Anonymous said…
Would also love to know when and how to divide these gorgeous flowers! I am trying my hand with a few of them this year.