Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bird Prints

Bird prints are all the rage. Original paintings, prints, drawings or etchings - they are everywhere -and they look great in groups!

Country Living Magazine

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I have a collection of bird prints from various places. I hung them by my front door, so the birdies can fly out the open door, if they ever get a chance.

Here is one that I painted-
a Carolina Wren for sale at

There are also some real steals on Ebay and Etsy- if you don't mind framing them yourself. Here are a few from Etsy and Ebay that I found this week (Keep in mind that the Ebay items will only last as long as the auction, does!) Search term "bird prints."

Birds of Australia Chromolithograph from 1888. $5!!! Beautiful!


Current bid price on this pair of prints is $19.99

(gone!) $8.00 20 vintage illustrations for $7!!!

Look at this beautiful owl!!! Ebay Barn Owl

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Terry said...

Our Godwit is up in the attic after 18 years of continuous, devoted service in our foyer. He's on sabbatical for now, awaiting his return to decor duty

TheOldPostRoad said...

Thanks, Terry - and for the rest of you who are as befuddled as I, here is the definition I googled: The godwits are a group of large, long-billed, long-legged and strongly migratory wading birds of the genus Limosa. They form large flocks on coasts and estuaries in winter.

Struggler said...

My Mom is an avid bird-watcher and since she is a frequent visitor, I was considering this as a them for the art in our guest room. But I have yet to take the plunge (or, more accurately, take flight!).

TheOldPostRoad said...

Struggler - My mother-in-law had an old set of Audubon bird prints she saved for years and I had 8 of them framed in cream mats and gold"ish" frames -about 18"x30" to hang in a group over her sofa (similar to above bedroom picture). She was not brave enough to hang that many in one place, so she eventually hung them throughout her house. Hang six over the bed in your guest room! I get most of my frames at Hobby Lobby or Michaels when frames are half off and mattes can be fairly inexpensive, as well!

Struggler said...

Thank you! You're right, hanging multiples would be best. It sounds like an afternoon balanced on the bed with a spirit level is in my future! I will look out for half off or similar deals.

Charlotte said...

Love the bird prints! By the way thanks for your sweet comments on Melissa's site today. I will remember your suggestion about a memory verse in my pocket.

Jenny said...

your blog is lovely, I just found it and am enjoying it so much :)!

Christine said...

These are great prints!

amariaf2000 said...

Lovely prints!! Bird prints - always in fashion! I love them!
~angela @ peonypatch

Puna said...

Beautiful pictures! I love birds.

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