Pins that Win and a Pinterest Fail

I am naturally wary of pins that state: "PIN NOW, READ LATER!" 
Sounds like a gimmick, doesn't it?
And, how do we know we have the same taste buds or same problem areas as someone else?
Trial and error, my friend.  Trial and error.

I have been gradually experimenting with a few pins to see how they work.

Here are my results....

This concoction of warm vinegar and blue Dawn honestly works great.  BETTER than some of my store-bought cleaners.  I have used this in my tubs several times over the past couple of months!

I also tried this baking soda solution as a cleanser...

and it works well, too!

Here is another Pin I attempted....

Cottage and Vine

Pull down shades covered in fabric.This one worked well - and I shared my finished shade with you here.

I also tried this pin - where you melt your old candle wax remnants and combine to make a new candle...


This particular project did not work so well. (At least not for me.)  Everything combined easily, enough, but once I lit the new candle, the wax no longer had a nice aroma.  There was actually no candle smell, at all.  I wonder if the reheating of the existing candle wax essentially "uses up" the candle smell.  What do you think?

I purchased a couple of the beauty products listed in this pin....


I am quite particular about my skin care items.  I cannot just pick up anything and have it work for me.  One of the items mentioned in the above pin is the Trader Joes' face wash. 

 I give it an "EXCELLENT" rating (for my face, at least)!   And for less than $6!  I am no makeup expert, but it is both inexpensive and a great product.  I also like the moisturizer, btw.

Recipes are more-than-plentiful on Pinterest.

My kids and I made these delicious cookies

Laura Bush's Texas Governor's House Cowboy Cookies

They were AWESOME!

Hope this post was helpful!  Follow my advice at your own risk.

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Zorrie said…
Hey this is great! I've been trying a lot things on pinterest too but never thought of doing a review of my combined experiences! Great idea and it's nice to know that some things on pinterest don't work for others as well haha.

I found you at the homemaker on a dime link party. Hope you'll stop by my blog!

Zorrie said…
Ps I'm your newest follower :)
Sylvia said…
Yes, melting the waxes to combine them to make a "new" candle will release a lot of the fragrance chemicals. I never light jar candles; I use an electric candle warmer and the fragrance doesn't last long at all. The exception is Yankee Candles.
I enjoyed your review very much.
I do this sometimes...find things on my pinterest list and REALLY TRY THEM OUT!
...I've done a laundry spot treatment that worked pretty well, and a few recipes.
Didn't know anyone else did this until recently, I saw someone have a party for it! There is a party for everybody,huh?
I love pinterest, thanks for showing your Wins and Fails...Pat
You should make this a regular editorial...I love it!!!
I hope you'll link this post up to Cowgirl Up! tonight...
Jill Hill said…
i love your blog!

i also love trader joe's face wash ..the BEST!! :)

happy day!

jill hill
Jamie Miles said…
I'm not a pinner but my daughter is desperate for me too. Maybe she can come over and pin with you. The cookies were beautiful.
Unknown said…
I use the vinegar and dawn cleaner too, and absolutely love it!
Karena said…
I will try the vinegar and Dawn, and There is a Trader Joe's right up the street, so the cleanser too!

Art by Karena
2012 Artists Series featuring Harrison Howard
Christie said…
Trish, this will be a loaded comment! Life certainly does get in the way of our blog projects doesn't it? I saw a pin yesterday that said, "Blog what you live, don't live to blog." Well said, as there was a time when I was living to blog and my family suffered. Now to find a balance! I came over a while back to visit and to see your adorable lab!! So, so cute and yet and so full of energy! They have so much personality and always seem happy, despite the trouble they sometimes cause! I got sidetracked and didn't leave a msg, so I am sorry! Congratulations on the top 20 contender for your display at Whisperwood cottage!! It was beautiful and well deserved!! I linked several, but TOOT they did not make it! What a fun link party and great that they allow bloggers the chance to be in a mag! I am glad to see your post about Pinterest...what worked and what didn't. I have tried LOTS of recipes and need to do a similar post. Some of the kids projects did not work. I have become a better cook, though! And, I feel like I might have some fashion again, with all the ideas from Pinterest! Think I will try the Trader Joes wash! Thanks! I scrolled through lots of your post today and just want to say how delightful everything is! I hope to be a better blogger once school starts! (In a week!) Take care! Christie at Three Pixie Lane
Kristin said…
I loved the cleaner with Dawn soap! It worked miracles on our shower and bathtub =) And now I'm definitely going to try the Trader Joe's! I have been buying a fairly expensive set with the cleaner/moisturizer/night solution/etc. and I want to continue using some of the set but have been thinking about trading in for a different cleanser and moisturizer and Trader Joe's looks promising with your excellent rating =)
I need to try the cleaning options you mentioned.
I am one more vote for Dawn + vinegar in the tub. Another Pinterest success for me was a simple recipe for chicken enchiladas.
Anonymous said…
I am definitely one who pins a lot of things and never gets around to trying them. But I WILL have to give the cleaner one a try. :)
Christine said…
GREAT stuff!! Thanks so much for taking the time of trying stuff out and letting us know if they worked or not! LOVE the shades!!

Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!
This was very helpful. Thank you and I'll be picking up that Trader Joe's face wash!
Love it! I'm pinning those cookies for my husband to make me! I can't tell you how many recipes for bread, etc. that I've pinned and sent to my husband. I'm not lazy, lol, he used to be a chef and loves to cook! Stopping by from Inspiration Friday.
Thank you for testing things out and sharing the results -- I'm sure many of us have wondered about some of these. Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina
Lynn Wood said…
With all the zillions of pins out there it is so nice to get a review on what really works. You should make this a regular feature!

Unknown said…
Hey - stopping in from the Serenity Now party! I noticed your Trader Joe's facewash...and have to agree- it is the BEST! I love the benefits of tea tree oil. I haven't seen the facial moisturizer there yet so I hope they have it soon!! I also just spot treat with pure tea tree works wonders for sure.

Amy B @ 20 Minute Mom
Unknown said…
This is a great roundup. I am always wonder how all the pins really work. Thanks so much for sharing on Tout It Tuesday. Hope to see you tomorrow.
Hi Trish, great to see that so many of the pins were good for you. Hard to believe, but I have not done pinterest yet. I've been trying to resist because I feel that I am on the computher enough with blogging. I will probably cave some day I'm sure. I do see alot of things on blogs that I love. Thanks so much for sharing this with Share Your Cup.
Unknown said…
Great list! I wondered about the first one! Visiting from CSI.