About Me

Hi!  I am Trish Jones - a wife and mom to three (two of my three have flown the nest and are in college, already - somehow). I live in the small town of Madison, Georgia and actually started painting art in 2008 when my consulting business ground to a halt.  I am completely "self taught," with my art. I am a very private person and not a great writer, but for some reason I have a blog.  Hmmmmm....  I am also a 'skimmer.'  I rarely read anything completely - I just skim everything.  That is why I include lots of photos in my posts - for all my fellow 'skimmers' out there!   I am quite visual and enjoy photos of beautiful rooms or gardens or art.  Therefore, my blog sort of evolved from my interests.  No real FOCUS, just pretty things and my art, with a little bit of family thrown in!  Hope it interests you! 

If you are wondering how I started painting, read one of these articles:
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Interview with PlainJane Designs in Athens, Ga

I also HATE to have my picture taken, but managed to find this one of the family......

I would love to hear from you!  You can contact me by email   theoldpostroad@gmail.com  or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest !   

Thanks for looking!