Monday, October 1, 2012

Green Smoothies

My sister kept telling me to make a green smoothie.  I kept telling her I prefer to eat my spinach WHOLE and not ground up for breakfast.   Well, she was right and I was wrong.

My kids now beg for a green smoothie for breakfast each morning.

It is simple to make and FULL of vitamins!  Here are my ingredients....

I forgot to take a photo of the smoothie, so I found this one on the web....

Green Smoothie Recipe
handful of frozen berries 
1 banana
1/3 cup greek yogurt
1/3 cup almond milk
heaping tablespoon ground flax seed
Spinach or Kale  - just fill to the top of the blender.

This typically makes three small smoothies.

Hint No. 1 - My kids are not crazy about the kale - even though it is healthier than spinach.  Today while we were in Publix, I grabbed a bag of spinach and my son said "Yes!"  He was honestly just glad I didn't pick up the bag of kale, but I love to hear my kids cheer when I buy spinach.  It warms my heart.

Hint No. 2 - Drink it with a straw.  Some berries have lots of seeds - the straw enables you to drink your smoothie as you drive to high school!

Here is Painting a Day Number 23!

Enjoy your day!

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Rebecca said...

I STILL fall in the "I prefer to eat my spinach (kale) whole" camp :) But if it works for you - and especially the kids - more power to ya :)

Isabel said...

Love he painting:O) Not the green drink :(

Lisa said...

Ive made one of these before. Very filling and a good way to take in spinach without ever knowing it.

Amy O'Quinn said...

I made the smoothie and it was great! I've always liked smoothies, and I've always liked spinach. But I've never taken the plunge to put them together for a 'green' smoothie. Glad I was yummy!

designchic said...

I'm with the kids - love mine in a my morning smoothie. Can't wait to try your recipe!

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