Monday, October 8, 2012

Christmas in October

I have been a busy little bee this past week getting ready for a Christmas Boutique.  The event was this past Saturday, and whew, I am tired!

Here is my section of the boutique....

Nine of us hosted the Christmas Boutique at a local clubhouse this past Saturday.  I know, I know- it is only early October, but we went ahead!  And I sold plenty!  I am so thankful for the success.  And as my husband says - now we can put gas in the car.  ;)

If you happen to live in the Madison, Georgia area - we are having a second Boutique on November 5th.  

It is always interesting to see what will sell and what will not.  I painted several of these meadow scenes and framed them and listed them at a very reasonable price.....

I was surprised to only sell two of them!  (I am counting those as Painting A Day Number 28, by the way!)

I also had notecards available ....

Those are always a hit.  (I put some in my Etsy store, if you are in need of notecards!)

Have a great day!

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Sjn said...

You painted a "Charley Brown" decorated tree a couple years back that I bought for my daughter. I framed it and gave it to her for Christmas. We both love it!

SouthMainMuse said...

Glad to know you have another show. We had football in the morning then I promised to take the kids to the Chili Cookoff. Which we got to too late for tasting wristbands. ARGH. I told the lady I wish I had gone out to Valley Farm. Ha. That showed her. (We still didn't get any chili.) See you on the 5th.

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