Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting Organized

I would love to be a really organized person.


And I have been working on it.
But, it is really hard to get organized when you live in a 150 year old home with very few closets (and NO attic, NO garage, and NO basement. aaarggg!)

However, I am always looking for an excuse to spend money.

First stop - Ballard Designs.
I am tired of the papers-reminders-notes-invitations that are suffocating my refrigerator door.
I need to hang a corkboard like this one from Ballard Designs........

(by the way - where could I find a frame similar to that one? I need frames like that for my paintings!)

This corkboard may work better for my family.......

Pottery Barn
(and the chandelier, too!)

My girls need more volume for their mountains of t-shirts. (Surprisingly, they have outgrown their baby-room dressers.) I have been looking at this Hemnes chest by Ikea.....

(52" tall - 43" wide) $279

I wonder how it will hold up to constant use by kids?

I am certain I could find a place to use this cute bin....


I like this one, too.........

Pottery Barn

Laurel at Ducks in a Row had a great post
here about how to organize a family command center.

(her house, not mine)

I actually followed her advice and formed a mini-command center in one of our cabinets. (my teenagers just love to hear me say "command center" -- yeah, right!)

Here is another goal of mine.....

Better Homes and Gardens

"Why, Yes! - I believe I would be more organized with this jadite desk set"......

See Jane Work

This is a cool, pre-cut kit you can buy on Etsy......

Just add your own ribbon and assemble.

And here is the Queen of Organization.....

Martha Stewart's instructions on how to make a cloth covered magnet board.

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janet said...

It all looks so easy on paper...then I try to practice basic organizing steps and fail!

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

Hi Trish! I'm commenting on the framed cork board from Ballard - if you are looking for something like that for (I am sure) a lot less...check out Marshall's or TJ Maxx. They had larger versions of this at my local Marshall's recently...SUPER CUTE! (Forget the exact price - sorry!) If you wanted to pop out the cork board and just use the frame, it'd probably be worth it financially to do that as well. I know that frame's can be a little steep price wise. Hope that helped!

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

When you find what works please share. Someone on the blogs made that corkboard I will have to look and send you the link.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Good heavens, Trish, when I come to your town I go ga-ga over all the quaint shops and antiques. I really miss a corner bakery, Kumquat May, that is no longer there though! I lived in a lesser old home for a few years, 112 year old at the time, and we had to improvise with storage and share the space with ghosts, so I totally understand!

Low Tide High Style said...

All of those would not only be helpful but lovely for keeping a home organized! And that Ballard frame would look very cool with one of your gorgeous paintings in it!

Kat :)

Jill said...

*sigh* I too desire to be organized!- and so beautifully!- I'm sure that would certainly help! :)
Thanks for sharing such delightful inspiration!
Many Blessings!

Jennifer Rizzo said...

If you get organized, please let me know how you did it! I am never organized!

Blue Creek Home said...

Lovely post...and all of these things are just scrumptious!! I am off to check out the ribbon holder on Etsy. Thanks for the links!

Ginger said...

Love the postal motif on the Pottery Barn version. I even checked online to find a source for a similar stencil. The Big Question: will I ever get around to making one???

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