Dorm Room Decor - Revised

One of the most popular posts I have ever written is How to Decorate A Dorm Room
I am no expert - but I now have Freshman year under my belt (I mean, my DAUGHTER has Freshman year under HER belt).  

Emily is set to start her second year of college quite soon.

 It has been a year since I first helped move her into her dorm.

The original post pretty much says it all, but I want to add a couple of ideas.... 

 (1) For starters, check out the original post here

(2)  Then look over my Pinterest Board entitled Dorm Room Ideas
(That particular board has received lots of hits, lately.)

This poster board headboard is such a great idea....

They even monogrammed them!  How clever.

 (3)  Also, we HAD to purchase a dehumidifier after about one month.   My daughter's asthma was irritated by the humid dorm cell.  Those small rooms stay very damp once you bring in a wet towel or two from the shared bathroom down the hall.

 Damp Rid helps a little.... 

 (4)  Here is another great idea - Most kids elevate their dorm beds to obtain a little more floor space. My daughter, and every other teen in America, uses her cell phone to wake herself up in the mornings - and I do not like the thought of a cell phone next to her brain all night. This little table is great for attaching to your bed somewhere .... 

$9.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

And it keeps the cell phone a little further from her pillow.

To all those mom's and kids heading off to college in a month or so - Good Luck and Happy Homemaking!  This next year will fly by quite quickly, believe it or not!

Oh, and please remember to STUDY and CALL YOUR PARENTS!!!!

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6 more years til my girls go off to college (and leave me in tears)!! Of course, the one good thing will be decorating their dorms - so I'll cling to that!
thistlewoodfarm said…
This is so cute, Trish! Thanks for sharing it on Hometalk (and AWESOME idea with those headboards)!

Mary said…
Your daughters dorm room looks amazing!
Erin~Just*Grand said…
What a great post. My youngest leaves in August for her freshman year. We have been shopping online and love your ideas. Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower!
Anonymous said…
The poster board headboard is such a brilliant idea. Love the added flair of the monogram. I think every dorm room has cinder block walls ... such a cozy feeling huh?, but your ideas are a great way to bring a touch of homey comfort to school. I walk my dog at UofR several times a week and the architecture there is very similar.

Cute ideas, and pictures, love the pillow with the roses on it!