Thursday, August 16, 2012

When Will I Learn my Lesson?

Some very nice people stopped by unannounced last night from a local church. 
(We are church-hopping, btw - we left our old church, which we know was the right thing to do, but are currently searching for a new church home.  We were in our old church for 11 years and I won't get into all of that, but I am sure It will all work out.  It just hasn't, yet.)

Anyway, the very nice people visiting from the church asked to see our house.  
No joke.  
Our house was built in the 1850's and has beautiful 'bones', but last night was NOT the night to see it.  So, my husband showed them around.

Here is what our dining room looked like last night....

My college-aged daughter left for college on Friday and decided to leave a few things ... in the middle of the dining room.  
Nice, huh?

No big deal, but after they left I thought to myself, "Why clean up, now?  They have already seen it."  So I just 'hung out' the rest of the evening.

I should have known better.

Then my other daughter had morning miles for cross country practice this morning at 6:00.  And she came back with friends at 6:45 am.   

Friends who needed to take a shower in her bathroom.
And were planning to eat breakfast in our kitchen.
And wanted to change clothes in her bedroom.

I would have preferred to show them the dining room.

One day I will grow up and learn to keep the house tidy.

And my entry will look like this...

and my daughter's bathroom will sparkle like this...

(right down to the fresh flowers on the counter).

and our kitchen will be JUST LIKE this......


Yeah, right.

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Rebecca said...

At least you have someone else(s) to blame it on :)

Jamie L. Johncock said...

I keep saying the say thing! Glad to see I am not the only one :) Between 2 kids and very busy, hectic lifestyle in the summer I always say I'll do it in the winter but for some reason that never happens either.

Lisa said...

I completely sympathize with you! I have 2 children (18 and 22) who have lots of stuff and I have just about given up on keeping it spotless for now. I've never been a fan of drop-ins, and I vow not to do that to others ;)

Sjn said...

just shows you're human, and you live in your house. Mine is only "showable" when company is coming over, announced planned company that is.

SouthMainMuse said...

I laughed so hard a snort came out. That is soooo what happens to me.

SouthMainMuse said...

P.S. I hope it wasn't some nosy Methodists.

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