Saturday, January 2, 2010

Coastal Living Idea House

This beautiful 5,800 sf "marsh house" sleeps 14 and is located in the planned development of Seawatch in Seawatch, North Carolina.

Seawatch is a community located on the marsh and beach.

This is a play room - but could serve as my family room- I am not picky.

My favorite part of this next room is the curtain/wallpaper combo.

I love all of the innovative sleeping arrangements.

Here is part of the "sleeping porch."

These "sofas" are actually twin bed size.

Here is one more "fun" sleeping area............

I could not live with all of these stripes, but I really like that setee.

And the fabric on the chair.

And the secretary/dresser.

Here is the kitchen.

Interesting how they chose the black cabinets and

dark wood floors at a beach house. Keeps the large space "grounded."


Here is the opposite end of the kitchen.

I need those chairs in my home.

All photos: Coastal Living.

This idea home is no longer on tour - but is available for bids to purchase through mid-January.

Have a great day!

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Cindy said...

Awesome, btw, love the curtains in the playroom.

Terry said...

I've seen this before, it's an awesome place but nothing about it says "beach," at least to me. I love the bunk rooms. I wonder about the long term effect of sandy feet on those dark floors.

Rue said...

Hi Trish :)

What a fabulous home! I wouldn't know what to do with all that space though... invite blogger friends maybe ;)

Happy New Year!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Love this house. I really love the idea of a sleeping porch. Wouldn't fly here in MN, but one can dream.

Can I ask you a question? On my sidebar the pic. for this post was several down in your post. When I post a blog...the first pic. in the blog is the one that shows up on people's sidebars. How did you get it to change? Does this make any sense??

sarah @ realestatestyle said...

I love this house so much!! Really like the bunk room, how cool!

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